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Screenwriter, Director, Producer


Sylvia is in the last stages of losing her memory with no help in sight THEN someone from her past shows up to piece her soul back and stand up against evil forces UNTIL she finally accepts who she is and remembers.

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Stars in the Water


Screenwriter, Director, Producer,

Costume Design

When an awkward and insecure 11-yr old girl, who lives in a 90's fantasy world, is invited to her crush's pool party, she must convince her mom to buy her a new swimsuit to win the love of her life. Will she learn that everything she needs to love herself and feel loved is actually in her own backyard? Spoiler alert, this is not a film about first love. It's a film about mother-daughter forever love.


Ideal Husband

Screenwriter, Director,

Production Design


Aja Roberts always has a plan. And she's pretty good at executing it too, except when it comes to romance. To fulfill this missing piece in her life-puzzle, Aja orders the perfect man online - Liam, the Australian musician with abs. But when she gets the wrong order - Jeremy, the home chef from Wisconsin - she may learn that when it comes to love, some things are better left to chance.

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Close ties to home country


Production Design

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